Thursday, January 17, 2008

yet something else i have in common with my father

I don't do blood, well at least my blood. if you're bleeding I'm excellent. I'm excellent in all emergencies.
I also don't do broken skin. If i can see inside your body, no matter how small the gash, i will become queasy.

Today while i was cutting Anya's hair in cosmetology I cut my finger. She, knowing that i don't like my blood quickly gave me a band-aid. It was fine, well sort of. If she had put the band-aid on and i hadn't seen it i would have been fine, but i saw it. I SAW INSIDE MY FINGER!

It's only a finger and yet it was quite traumatic. So traumatic in fact that i did become queasy and and nausious and dizzy, and OH MY GOD I CUT MY SKIN. SICK.

Mrs. Burchell had me sit down and but my head between my knees, and then apparently a couple of friends thought I'd do better if i had some fresh air and led me out into the hallway and opened the door. I don't remember this. Mostly because of all of the above reasons and everything was really blurry.

I fainted. In the hallway. In front of the Teacher-Cadet classroom. I was only out for a minute or so, and they caught me, so I was okay. BUT! I had cut my skin, my skin, my skin, my skin - and that is not okay.

I laid there for awhile regaining consciousness and a couple of girls who weren't in my class were standing over me when things started to become clear.

The nurse walked me down to her office, gave me a new band-aid, and had me sit down and drink water for awhile. She put the band-aid on, not me. I have yet to change it because i don't want to look at it. GROSS!

I've never passed out before, ever. So, I suppose this is kind of exciting, but it's very strange having all sorts of people that you don't really know ask you if you're alright. I'm fine, and hope this never happens again, but now that I know it's possible, it probably will. Hopefully not for a very, very long time.