Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Official...

...I'm a Cosmetologist!

Thank you Mr. Brann for writing me that recommendation two years ago. I know you didn't want to, thought I was "above" this and all that non-sense (as did everyone else), but it's certainly paid off. And, now you all know that Amanda Jewell Pittman is by far the most random person you know, and capable of any and every thing.

Today I drove to McLean with Anya and we took the test. She finished in about thirty minutes (as I thought she would) and I sweated and bit my nails, cringing at all the questions about nail diseases BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK AND SOUND THE SAME! But, thankfully I made it, and now it's done. All's I've got to do now is pay fifty bucks every year to stay liscensed, WHOO!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh Shit!

For those of you that have already heard this story, sorry.

I guess it's been about a week since this happened - but I'll continue

Last week was SOL week, and unfortunately for me I had to be at school about an hour earlier than usual, and I didn't even have any SOL's DAMNIT! So, one day I had to be there at 7:30 AM. I walked in the side, lower level door just as the bell rang. I'd already gotten three tardies (two hour detention) and a fourth would mean a FOUR HOUR DETENTION! I couldn't let that happen, so what's a girl to do?

She ducks into the nearest bathroom and sits in the handicapped stall for twenty minutes perfecting her plan. She had obviously been stressed out, and she gets constipated when she's stressed out, and so she took a diuretic, but it didn't start working until she got to school (early - coughcough) and so she had been in the bathroom for the past twenty minutes with diarrhea. Thankfully the nurse was understanding (tears of embarrassment helped) and called her administrator so no one else could hear. And she got an excused tardy that day. WHEW!

I know I'm ridiculous, but do you know anyone else who would have been clever enough to avoid that? DO YOU? I didn't think so.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One day they'll read about it and be like,"how did we not know about this?"

Never in my life have I been as busy as I have been in the past few weeks, as in to the point where I think my head is going to explode if I don't take care of the things I've been neglecting because of said busy-ness.

The past six weeks I have been working two jobs (the Chiropractor and the Haircuttery), going into the city just about every other night/day, going to school (most of the time), and somehow sleeping. And the past two weeks have been even crazier because it's the end of the year and Eddas needs to be done. So, I've been busy.

Did I mention that I've been busy? Because I've been like sooo busy.

It's unfortunate that I have no tolerance for boredom. I think my parents would appreciate that, but because I don't I stress myself out and then crash and clean my room ( today).

I like being busy. There's always something to do, somewhere to go, people to meet, etc. Sitting at home does not appeal in the least. Perhaps if I had a place of my own, I'd have people over, throw dinner parties, pretend to have money, the usual; a las, I do not have any of the above and thus must make due.

My parents always freak out when I'm not home because they have this constant need to know what Amanda is doing, Where is she? Who is she with? Why isn't she home? Who are these people? Why don't we know them? Why hasn't she brought them by the house? etc. Then, to help them feel better they feel the need to call me every five minutes from midnight to whenever I get home. Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don't. I tell them where I'm going, and who I'm going with, but they still flip.

If you read my last posts you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

When I hear about my parents' youth, it's similar to mine, they went out with friends, worked a lot - wait, no, not according to my dad. If I try to tell my dad that he did similar things he says (I kid you not), "I was shooting people when I was your age in the jungles of Viet-nam, and on the weekends I was getting drunk at the local bar." Thank you Dad, that was most insightful.

My mom always went to the Ember's Club. I have no idea if this place still exists, but she always talks about it whenever I tell her about my escapades. And she was older when she went to it, all in all her experience is nothing like mine, not even close.

My dad on the other-hand, was a DJ, was in love with Ann-Margaret and is probably more like me than we're both willing to admit. It's a shame that he's "repented of his old ways" because if he hadn't then maybe we would "bond" over those similarities.

You're probably wondering what the hell this has to do with being busy. Everything.

I'm always on the go. Last week I went to two shows, was in the city four nights, and in a whirlwind of dramdramadrama. I know they had similar experiences and yet they don't want me to have them - or go "astray." Somehow music and venues have corrupted me, I think I've done it all on my own.

And today, I took a break. A much needed one before the busy-ness that will be the rest of this week really gets started.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hipster Love

Last night was my first Brightest Young Things event. I spent most of my time dancing in the foyer with Will and taking money from people, and giving them wristbands.

The music was good, though the acoustics weren't. The pictures and art were splendid. The people were having a good time. Jesse Bishop (the one and only) was the MC, The Dance Party did their usual diddy ( I happen to love that diddy, but last night they were not at their best), the Apes were fantastic as were Plants and Animals.

All in all it was a blast. I don't have any pictures, but there will certainly be some up on the site, if not today then tomorrow.

My only complaint about last night was that there wasn't food. I trekked (all two blocks) to McDonalds to get my sugar back up. On my way there I passed Ibiza. If you don't know what that place is, that's great news for you. I had only heard about it, until last night, when I saw the ridiculously long line in front. I am very happy to say that I am not keen on waiting in lines, and if only all those people knew what was happening only a block down the road and how much more fun they would have - if only, or not.

I also believe that if I did make it into a club like Ibiza or Fur, I would most certainly get kicked out because I am a horrible dancer. On the other hand, black men seem to like me,so maybe I'd get to stay and one would kindly teach me how to dance. I had three very large, very intimidating, black men hit on me last night. One was at McDonalds, and two of the security guards at the BYT bash. I'm glad I have a decent sense of humor and could take it lightly.

There was on security guard in particular though, I think his name was Jerry(?) who did not hit on me, but was the bouncer. He laughed at me and Will's dancing skillz (or lack thereof) and ate my fries.

It was a hipster breeding ground. Never will you see so many in one place as you will at a BYT event.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Dad is Crazy: 3

(Mr. Brann, brace yourself, I'm about to rag on my Dad)

Yesterday,I went to my very first professional sports game: Pittsburgh Pirates v. Washington Nationals. The Pirates won; I think it was 11 to 4?

Anywho, I went with Ian and a few of his friends. Overall we were having a good time, dad called Ian, to invite him down to Woodbridge to get his hair cut here, and to have a steak.

My dad called me first because he said that he had the wrong number and was shitting bricks over it. Not that that is anything new.

I'm used to my dad making a complete fool of himself, and I understand that it is never going to stop, because he thinks he's being intimidating when really he's being an ass.

In addition to calling Ian he e-mailed Brightest Young Things and told them what horrible people they were for "making me" work at their relaunch party (tonight), when I volunteered, because I would like to continue writing for BYT and maybe, one day, get to pick what I write about, or just continue writing there because it'll look great on future applications/resumes.

Cale received the e-mail, called me, read it to me, and agreed that my dad is crazy, but he doesn't want me to get into trouble.

Typically my parents are nervous, but they let me go do whatever as long as I tell them where I'm going, who I'm going to be with, etc. Usually, if it's the weekend, I'm home by 2 am. This does not see unreasonable, I'm young, they are not, and I know they stayed out - especially my dad. Last night, my dad tried to tell me that I had to be home by midnight, and he's trying to do the same tonight. That did not happen last night (1:15 ish) nor will it happen tonight.

Oh, what are they going to do when I don't live here anymore/go to college? I feel like they should be ready to get rid of me, but they aren't, at all.

So, Dad, if you're reading this, I plan on getting DRUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNKKKKKK TONITE! and totally having lots of promiscuous sex in the make-out tee-pee, because I think STD's are super cool, so is being irresponsible, and getting into car accidents, and hanging out with crack heads, doing crack = COOL! Other cool things that I enjoy, that you should worry about me doing are: shooting up, getting piercings in "unique" places, hanging out in alleys in southeast, waking up that ho-bo and asking them for change, Crack! - seriously, there is no greater drug (and look how thin I'm getting), watching gay porn (that's what I've been into lately), talking to people online that I don't know and then meeting up with them in person in said dark alleys, (insert anything else utterly absurd here, because I obviously enjoy it, obviously).