Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Faking It

So I finally bought the domain for, but I can't use it yet because I bought it with another email address other than the one used for this blog.

It's been almost two years, but after my freshman year at VCU I didn't get any of the internships I had applied for so to make some extra money I decided to start removing wallpaper. My sister had just moved into a house covered in it and I found that I was quite efficient at removing it. I created an email address for this endeavor, and somewhere down the line it became associated with this blog instead of my primary email address. Though whenever I try to create a new blog with my primary email address it won't let because Blogger still thinks that it's associated with this blog.

So, I did end up getting an internship with's Going Out Guide, and the wallpaper removal thing never happened, and I would like to delete that email address but am afraid to considering the circumstance.

In case you were unaware having multiple email accounts become complicated especially when you don't check all of them regularly. I counted, I have six, or seven? Not totally sure. Why do I have so many? Not sure about that either because there are really only four that I use, the one for this blog, the one for school, my personal email address and my "professional" email address.

I spent most of yesterday trying to get things configured, called my computer nerd friends, and wracked my brain trying to work it all out. It's a slow going process, but I'm learning things that will probably be useful in the future. This is my attempt at being tech savvy - I'm not, but I'm going to pretend.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I really need to put up and pay for the internet

So, the abridged version of the past three weeks.

1. Signed the lease for my new place and moved. I'm now living in a studio, by myself, without roommates - WITHOUT ROOMMATES, in Shockoe Bottom. Sure I live above a really shitty bar/club combo thing that plays really terrible Top 40 music three nights a week, but I live alone, and it is clean, and I'm usually out those nights anyway. My neighbors are alright, no one is particularly loud and I'm pretty sure there aren't any hookers that live in my building - I'm moving up in this world.

2. Turned 21 - this may or may not have led to me standing outside of someone's house in the rain and crying after they slept through my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! And then I may or may not have continued to get drunk and/or stoned elsewhere. Yay! for healthy decisions!

3. I didn't go to Pittsburgh as I had planned. Christina's grandfather died and then she had to work, and I had a series of money issues and it was generally just a bad weekend. So I'll probably go after the new year, and I'm really hoping that she and her boytoy come to Richmond over the holidays.

4. I joined a dating site, because you know, I want to go on dates and have some semblance of a normal dating life that doesn't include men twenty years my senior. I'm not sure what the problem is, but meeting people in Richmond is one of the hardest things. Making friends is difficult enough, but dating is near impossible. I've been out with friends and not met anyone, I've been out by myself and not met anyone - though the last time I went out by myself was to a post-punk dance night and I was that girl dancing by herself - a couple of dudes talked to me after and said that they had seen me dancing/that I was a good dancer, etc. but they waited until everyone was leaving. WTF? Anyway, I was annoyed, so this whole online thing is something I'm giving a shot. So far it's been pretty entertaining, I have learned to delete messages from dudes who don't wear shirts in their profile pictures, and some dudes think that liking "blockbuster movies and lemonade" makes them a catch. It doesn't. I've only been on it a week and I've already been on a couple dates with normal dudes, or seemingly normal dudes.

Seriously, the past three weeks have been insane. And I still don't have the internet at my new place because I'm poor, so I'm writing this from a cafe down the street from me. I'm really embracing the poor writer/student cliche.

As a result of being 21, I've been going out more, in Richmond which has been nice. I've only spent like one day in DC in the last month and that was to see La Roux. I finally feel like a Richmond kid, it's terrible, but probably healthy.

Completely unrelated and I'll probably post about this later, but don't fall asleep at your friend's house when they're doing mushrooms.