Thursday, August 23, 2007

top reasons why college sucks - spencer

spencer and i are an unlikely pair. we first met three, maybe four years ago because his brother was (still is) dating my friend linda. I, being the fourteen year old girl that i was, was more than smitten with spencer's good looks and his personality wasn't so bad either. this was of course at a mormon camp of sorts and i wasn't the only girl with my eye on him. a short, smiley, curley haired girl i'll call chipmunk, was also interested. she is chipmunk because if reincarnation is real, she'll surely come back as one. those three days were spent with he and i flirtatiously speaking to eachother in french and making googley eyes across the gym. we ended up exchanging email's and emailing eachother for about a few months after that. it was all very cute.

so from there we became a couple. we'd go to church dances for the most part, neither one of us could drive at the time, so that was about as good as it got. emails, long phone conversations every night, and on the weekends if we were lucky someone would be nice enough to drive us somewhere, usually a place that was largely inhabited by mormons. we had our first kiss on the dancefloor (during the song "a moment like this," spencer doesn't remember this, and we didn't like that being our song so we changed it to "yellow" which is still one of my all time favorites) where a chaperone quickley told us that we need to not dance so close together.

from there we broke up shortly before christmas, but because i was still friends with linda and his brother, i would still see him. this was very awkward, for a while, and neither of us were very good a communicating in a rational matter what we were upset about. we had an argument. shirley asked us both to be in her quiencinera (?) where we made up and our friendship was reborn (after he apologized for being a jerk and i continued to act like a bitch).

we have since disapproved/disliked most of the people the other has dated, and dated eachother more, and then decided that we're better off as good friends. which is true. he's my boy and i'm his girl. i am still more than slightly irritated by the mentioning of chipmunk.

he and i would not be friends if we were to have met for the first time yesterday; mostly because i come off as ditzy bitch the first time you meet me, and he's quiet and reserved or an asshole.

he took me to my first show at the blackcat (the new amsterdams), now my favorite place to be. he introduced me to the postal service, and so many other things.

(here's the sad part, brace yourself)

he leaves for smarties-ago-go land on saturday, (for those of you who haven't read the georgia nicholson series that would be UVA) and today was our last time together before he leaves. we went to ihop and hung out a my house for a bit. it was awkward, but we pretended it wasn't and we talked about how much we mean to eachother, etc. but when i came back in after walking him to his car, the tears started coming.

i know he's only a couple hours away, and we'll talk weekly, but my boy's all grown up now, and i'm still here; and next year i'll hopefully be at a school out of state and far away. this is the end of an era, one i'll reminisce about for the rest of my life. not high school, but that boy who meant (means) so much to me.

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cjbros said...

hey amanda, this is "chipmunk". linda and i are rooming together at college; your blog post got around to me. interesting stuff. you should probably write an emo song about it.

spencer and i were the best of friends my sophomore(?) year. we were SO close during efy or youth conference; we had all the same interests and loved all the same music and stuff. so. we kept in touch and hung out at the oakton dances and stuff. towards the end of my sophomore year of high school, i started dating a guy who i later fell in love with and was together with for a year and a half. the day i asked that guy out, i came home to see an email from spencer, saying basically his feelings for me were more than friendship. it was way unexpected! but we talked it out, and although things were awkward for a bit, we have moved on in our lives and remain good friends, and that's that.

so. sorry for any misunderstandings. i didn't mean to be cutting in on "your boy," he was just my best friend at the time. careful what you say about people; it usually comes back to bite you.

btw my name is chelsea.