Friday, March 14, 2008


So he's my boyfriend.

I haven't written in awhile, and I began writing a post about him at some point, but got inturrupted...

Anyway, so I decided that 11:40 on a Friday was a good time to post.

Just so that you have the facts, I did not plan him. In fact, he messed up my plans...jerk. I had planned on spending the entirety of my senior/freshman years not being "tied down," "doing the relationship thing," "wasting time," etc. That was all true of my first semester this year, the Marco happened.

He's three years older than me, 6'2" and some sort of computer geek in the Army. He just got stationed in Korea, for a year. He's not in the Middle East, of that I'm very glad, and it'd be ideal to have him here, but apparently I can't have everything.

I've had a lot of people ask me if we're going to stick out through this year, or why don't I just date him when he gets back, etc. And the answer to all of those questions is that I met him now, we fell in love now, and I don't want to see other people. My being in a relationship will in no way keep me from "getting the full college experience." It won't keep me from meeting people or limit me in any way.

For those that know me best, I think they would agree that they didn't think this would happen, especially now, and that it's even good for me. Not that I'm reckless, but I've certainly poo-pooed relationships in the past. I'm starting to realize what it means to be "young and stupid." I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that label. I assure you though, it's not "puppy love."

How do I know?

That's a loaded question. We've only been together a couple months and already he's seen me at my worst. I've been sick a lot, and he's right there making sure I'm okay. He's a gentleman, even if my mom thinks he didn't get me anything for V-day. He knows all those little things that drive me crazy. He's seen me cry, a lot. He doesn't get uncomfortable, or think that it's awkward, he does all in his capacity to listen, understand, and make me smile.

After we said "the L word," I told my mom and she told my brother Joseph (the one in Spain). His response was that he (Marco) just wanted to get in my pants. I won't elaborate on why that's the furthest thing from the truth, just know that I know it is. I think it's cute that Joe said that, he's such an ass.

Marco listens to my dad's endless war/military stories, and actually enjoys them (or so he says). My parents and everyone he's met likes him. MY DAD LIKES A BOY THAT I LIKE! He's horrible at Connect Four, and the fact that he'll play board games with me/my family/his little sister is wonderful. He likes my writing and encourages me to write more, and more importantly he understands it and appreciates my thoughts on life. I may be a little quirky (or a lot, whatever) and he's down with all those little things.
He is a pro napper. We are pro nappers together. Napping is one activity we can enjoy anytime, anywhere and have a fabulous time. We are also avid Scrabblers.

He's in Korea and I get excited when I see that we're online at the same time. I get it, a whole year of checking my inbox and arranging phone-calls.

My parents always wanted me to marry a return missionary, I suppose a soldier will have to do.

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Christina said...

i love you amanda.
you two are the cutest ever.
i'm mad that i still haven't met him.

if you read this, hello marco. i am the slightly infamous christina. only infamous because i spent my entire life with your girlfriend. who is crazy.