Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I must suffer and cry for a longer time

I don't believe that black cats, or broken mirrors, or stepping on cracks cause bad luck. I am not usually supersticious. But as of October 5, 2009, something has happened. That day my thirteen month old Compaq computer fritzed out. It was exactly a monthy over warranty and fixing it would have cost the same as buying a new computer, so my daddy-who-loves-me bought me a Dell - the same computer I had requested a year earlier, but he bought the Compaq because it was cheaper...On that day in October my dad got a phone call detailing how upset I was (in addition to a thousand other things that had gone wrong that week). I proceeded to have a panic attack and sit on the loveseat for the next four hours.

Two weeks later my new Dell made everything better, until...

Halloween. I don't ever leave my Ipod in my car over night, and I never leave it visible in my car when I do leave it there. I have this weird feeling that I should never have all my "valuables" on me at the same time. Like, what's worse, getting mugged or having your car broken into? And if either happens, which is more likely? And how horrible would it be if I was mugged and had everything in my bag/car robbed and left everything in my car?

Anyway, Halloween, some friends and I parked and walked to a friend's apartment and I left my Ipod in my car, because I'm stupid and we hadn't been listening to it, and it was still in hiding, and I was preoccupied with a multitude of other things, like getting out of my blistering heels and into jammies. Though, I did make sure that all the doors to my car were locked. Fastforward to Monday morning when I discovered that my car had been broken into, and of course the Ipod was gone, as was the shitty adapter (I had been meaning to replace the adapter anyways). I spent the next few hours calling all the pawnshops, getting yelled at by the people that work in them (Really, you work at a pawnshop, who are you to judge me? Assholes.), and filing a police report. It ended with me on a friend's cathair covered couch watching christmas movies.

Then, last Friday, Black Friday, my brand new Dell Inspiron computer's hard drive went kaput. Six weeks. SIX WEEKS! That is how long I had it and it died. But, it was under warranty, and today I got the new hard drive in the mail, and was able to put in my computer myself. And let me say, Dell's technical support and generally how the company operates is so much better than Compaq. I still had to call Comcast to set up my internet, again, and the last three months have generally been a shit storm, but here's to hoping it's over.

Only some strange strike of horrible luck could explain this. I like to blame my Irish heritage.

And as a constant reminder of why something fabulous hasn't happened yet, the always wise Morrissey. This song fixes just about everything.


Anonymous said...

so how do you know something really good hasn't happened to you this last month to offset or balance your bad luck?

Ben said...

Morrissey always makes everything better.

amanda-rants said...

Anonymous, there's one particular good thing that has happened, but I can't really blog about it as I try to keep certain aspects of my life off the internet.

Ben, amen.

Andrew said...

like your DC crush? lol, I understand though...I should probably have a filter like yours, alas, I've always been too obvious ;)

PS. posted Anonymous last time cause I didn't see the Name option :D