Monday, March 1, 2010

An Explanation

Part One:

This morning at brunch some friends and I were discussing the feel of DC, in that it can be as big or small as you want it to be. This is one of the best things about the city, and the worst. It has everything a big city offers, but if you run in certain circles, it becomes very, very small.

Friend and I (in unison): I hate that!

Grumpy: Yes, but you (pointing to friend) don't have to deal with that as much as she (me) does.


Grumpy and I (in unison): YOU/I DON'T EVEN LIVE HERE!

Part Two:

Let me relay to you a brief synopsis of the movie An Education:

Girl randomly meets some dude who is twice her age during her senior year of high school. He befriends her. Then woos her. They spend a few months supposedly in love, at least she is in love and is the main driving force behind their relationship. She notices that everything he doesn't always sit well with her, but she ignores it because everything else, in her mind, makes up for it. And she knows that she should know better. Some of his friends know exactly what is going on and they keep mum. And then he completely fucks her over. The end.

Lessons learned from movie/quotes:

"I feel old, but not very wise."

"Taste isn't half the battle, it's the whole war."

Part Three:

Part Two should help explain what was meant by Part One. If you don't get it that's okay. I'm using secret girl-code. But really, if you don't get, then you just don't get it. DC, unfortunately, is full of people that get it. And those that do get it know exactly how to use the people that don't. It's a pretty sick relationship. I didn't always get it, I do now.

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