Friday, February 12, 2010

headless chicken

This past September my friend and I had the brilliant idea to go to South by Southwest, the HUGE music festival in Austin, Texas for my Spring Break/he-has-a-real-job-so-he's-taking-a-week-off. We kept talking about it and I kept waiting for my finances to be in order, and finally we bought out plane tickets and booked a hotel.

My friend, this dude, is 25. He prides himself on his ability to dress exactly like Jarvis Cocker of Pulp fame, except no one really knows or cares who Jarvis Cocker is in the United States, with the exception of like twenty people who frequent all twenty Brit-pop dance nights in DC. (Note that each of these people have their own night somewhere in the U-street cooridor.) We bonded over our mutual love of Frightened Rabbit in one of those "have you heard blank? no, have you heard blank. no, have you heard... conversations. For those that haven't listened to them, they write the absolute saddest, most pathetic, yet catch love songs that all come together to form two perfect I-just-went-though-a-horrible-break-up albums. He and I have spent way too much time listening to Poke:

Anyway, we are not flying out together. I live in Richmond, he lives in Northern Virgina, and so we could not agree on what airport or city to fly out of. He has brand loyalty to JetBlue (really, dude?) and I didn't want to pay over $300 for a roundtrip ticket. Richmond and every other airline was cheaper. It was heated for about a minute when he assured me that he "didn't want to hurt my feelings." Then we discussed lodging accommodations. I wanted to find someone who knew someone to stay with, or a hostel, or something. He wanted to stay at the Sheraton, downtown. We are staying at the Sheraton, downtown. It's safer or something. I gave in only because I knew how out of character it is for him to agree to do anything on a whim. Though, we are also the only people I know that had everything arranged in October, six months before the event. I'm covering the festival for RVA, a local magazine and blog. And I am in so far over my head. I started contacting bands and their "people" about a week ago to set up interviews. I am going to be running about like a chicken with it's head cut off, in more of this manner than my usual headless-chicken self. My friend has a degree in music journalism (true story) and will be serving as my editor. I told my mom a few days ago that I was "covering a huge music festival for RVA over Spring Break." I don't think she quite understood what I was talking about, or has realized that I will be in Texas, I am so not looking forward to that phonecall.


Jovan King said...

sounds like fun!

im following you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm from Portugal and I enjoy very much read your adventures.

My wish is travel for all the united states!! I think that you have a beautiful country.

Be happy.