Tuesday, June 29, 2010

on being a girl

On Sunday I wore one of my favorite dresses and as I left one friend to meet another - oh, a walk of about six blocks - a couple of men on bikes made comments and/or whistled at me. The bike part is important.

When I got to the restaurant, I removed my messenger bag that I always have slung across my back. Except this time when I removed it, I felt the back of my dress fall. It had ridden up significantly and those dudes on bikes were kind enough to not tell me. Awesome.

I need to invest in a new bag. Recycled rice bag messenger bags unfortunately don't go with everything. Especially that dress.

Actually that dress doesn't really go with much. When I was in San Francisco I wore it my last day there and as I was walking around Haight Ashbury it repeatedly blew upwards - I had many Marilyn Monroe moments that day. And it was on my way back to my friends place just before I was to leave that a man said, "Nice titties" to me. This dress is in no way provocative, I've had it for two years, and I really like it. But I may need to take a break from wearing it for awhile.

Though, the most important lesson to be learned here is that you should always wear cute underwear. You just never know who may inadvertently be seeing them.

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russophile said...

i always wear bike shorts under dresses in case of those types of incidents, especially while biking but also while walking around the city.