Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas: The Introduction

There are a lot of people in my family and of the fifteen immediate members, eleven of us were home for Christmas this year. To make it slightly easier, let me introduce them. We’re really spread out and getting this many of us together is very rare. So here’s a brief outline of my family so that you can have a better understanding of the distance and age. We’re all over, everything, all the time. And we keep reproducing. Chances are you will eventually meet one of us and you may or may not develop an opinion of all of us based on that particular member. Don’t. We are the most grab-bag bunch of people to be called a “family.”

Mom – Annise (it’s French, but we aren’t) – 62

Dad – Leb (it’s Russian, but we aren’t) – 62

They reside in Northern Virginia.
Joseph – 35

Laiene (wife of Joseph) – 31 (I think, I’m not sure)

Ibai (E-bi, Joseph and Laiene’s son) – 4 months

They live in San Sebastian in Spain. Laiene is Basque. They met in DC about eight years ago.

August (changed as requested) – 34

Archer (August’s son) – 6

They live in North Carolina.

(Steven – 31, but he and his wife Lessa and their kids Ella and Rocket weren’t here this year so don’t worry about it. They live in Utah.)
April – 28

Steven (April’s husband, not to be confused with our brother or uncle named Steven) – 28

Olivia (April and Steven’s daughter) – 4 months (she is three days older than Ibai)

They live outside of Richmond, Virginia.

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