Saturday, May 23, 2009

Abridged Version

This is my atempt to fill you in, without losing my breath.

1. I moved into my apartment.
2. We have bugs.
3. We do not have the internet or cable, and will probably not be getting the later.
4. I have been using the internet at work at every opportunity, because I am an addict.
5. I kind of like Richmond.
6. The day I finally got my bike back (it had been locked up outside my dorm forever) I got a flat tire. Story of my life.
7. I have still been going to DC at every oppurtunity.
8. I had planned on having a relatively boy-less summer, spend time reading/writing, but I do not feel that that is realistic any longer. It's the summer, let the flings abound!
9. My mom ended up paying the rest of my tuition. FAFSA did go through, but not in time for VCU to accept it. So, now I have to pay my mom back. Yikes!
10. I'm only signed up for two classes for next semester and am working on getting into a couple others that are listed as full.
11. I taught my roommate how to clean.
12. She was not happy about it, but has since learned to appreciate it.
13. Going to the grocery store has become one of my favorite activities. I go just about every other day.
14. My vinyl collection is increasing/improving slowly, but surely.
15. I bought the Ben Folds "Landed" single, with "Bitches Ain't Shit" on the b-side, and scratched the b-side. FML.
16. I have been reading and listening to jazz with my breakfast most mornings. Ahhhhhh...
17. I'm currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, and all of you are Basil Holland to my Dorian Gray. Though some may attempt to be Henry, you aren't, you are Basil.
18. The Washington Post called me yesterday and wanted to know if I was still interested in the summer internship for the Going Out Guide. I have an interview on Tuesday. And I feel like dancing more than usual.
19. I spend about half an hour after breakfast every day dancing and hula-hooping.
20. The guy with the Vespa that lives behind me is cute. The girls across the hall are loud and the lady with the baby always looks like she is going to cry.

*I HAVE AN INTERVIEW. ON TUESDAY. TO INTERN AT THE WASHINGTON POST. I don't know if you recall, but I applied for a bunch early this year and didn't hear back. So this is a very welcome surprise. I do not think there are words or actions that can express my excitement. And when they asked me if I spent time in DC and if I liked DC, etc. etc. I was like OH! MY! GOD! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! and then proceeded to explain my habit of going as often as possible as soon as I could drive. Anyway, even if I don't get it, being considered is awesome, and I still have time.

But, I am not very good at being grounded, and I have to get it. I'm Amanda. I'm awesome. How could I not get it?

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