Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Official...

...I'm a Cosmetologist!

Thank you Mr. Brann for writing me that recommendation two years ago. I know you didn't want to, thought I was "above" this and all that non-sense (as did everyone else), but it's certainly paid off. And, now you all know that Amanda Jewell Pittman is by far the most random person you know, and capable of any and every thing.

Today I drove to McLean with Anya and we took the test. She finished in about thirty minutes (as I thought she would) and I sweated and bit my nails, cringing at all the questions about nail diseases BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK AND SOUND THE SAME! But, thankfully I made it, and now it's done. All's I've got to do now is pay fifty bucks every year to stay liscensed, WHOO!

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You're welcome. :) Glad I could help in some way.