Tuesday, June 3, 2008

That guy from work

I cut this kid's hair the other day. He came in a few days later to get my card. I gave it to him, but made the mistake of writing my full last name. Not good. He went home and added me on Facebook. Now he sends me messages, telling me how much he likes his hair, that he hopes I'm doing well, etc. What's worse is that my current "status" says that me feet are recovering from this weekend, and he sent me a message inquiring about my feet and that he hopes that they're alright and that he'll pray for me.

People he has his favorite scripture listed in his favorite quote section. I'm down with other people being religious, but if you even glance at my profile, you know that I'm not. I hope this boy doesn't try to "save" me. That would be bad, veryvery bad.

I had a dream about this recently (so weird). He came in with his mom. He sat in my chair and as I started cutting his hair, he started "speaking in tongues" and when I asked what he was doing he said that he was giving me a blessing. Then his mom, who was sitting in the waiting area, stood up and started gibbering, too. We asked them to stop, but they didn't because they thought we were heathens and need the Lord, and so I didn't finish the cut and we escorted them out.

I hope this never happens.

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