Monday, March 2, 2009

It's snowing again

It snowed a tonw yesterday. Classes got canceled. I don't have work. And because I live on the MCV campus I am far away from everyone. So, I am watching The Royal Tenanbaums for the third time in two days, downloading all those CD's that I need to review, and catching up on everything - reading, writing, studying, etc.

I had a most eventful weekend, though not a happy one. I'm pretty sure that I ruined my social life in Richmond, not that it was much of one, but I'm fairly certain that there are a handful of people who I will never talk to again. I'm also content knowing that I hate Richmond, and it hates me right back.

I could really go for a Carmen Miranda right now, and the cute boy behind the counter (the only straight one). He finally called me this week and I'll be seeing him the next time I'm in DC. That's something good that happened this week. And after this weekend happened it looks like I'll be able to give him a fair chance, because you know I'll be pretending that I'm totally not interested in anyone else, and since those people are obviously not interested in me and this kid is, all the better for me, right?

Also, I've wanted to talk to someone who doesn't know any of these other people, but as usual no one knows how to operate their fucking telephones.

I miss DC, and having a living room, and a dining room, and a kitchen.

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