Monday, April 26, 2010

Cartwheel Fail!

"I'm running late. I may or may not have fallen..."

"You are too old to be scraping your knees."

"Drinking wine and then doing cartwheels is a bad idea."
"But I'm usually coordinated enough to do relatively simple, fun tasks on whims."

"Did you skin your knee?"
"And my hands."
"How did you do that?"
"I did a cartwheel that started on the grass and ended on the sidewalk."
"Was there alcohol involved?"

"Well I wasn't sure what was happening. One minute you were walking beside me, the next you were like, falling in slow motion, and I couldn't do anything at that point."

"My knee! Watch the knee!"

"How does my face look?"


There was this one time, not at all related to the above, where my sister thought it was a good idea to do a cartwheel on my bed and got her foot stuck in the wall. Unfortunately we have neither cartwheel incident on video, so I found this instead.

And this:

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