Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I think I can...

The semester is ending, summer is approaching, and I'm totally not having summer this year. I'm determined to just get this shit, i.e. school, over with. So, I'm taking sixteen credits. I'm already freaking out about next semester and I'm not even done with this one. AND I have ton of stuff left to do. Ugh. So this weekend, I had previously planned on driving to Chapel Hill to see Frightened Rabbit (because the DC date is sold out and I'm going to see Phoenix that day anyway). This is kind of a big deal. I once drove to Philly and back in one night to see a show. This isn't unusual behavior for music nerds, but to normal people who don't get pissed when their favorite band(s) don't play their city.

Anyway, my point is that I'm attempting to be studious and giving up something that I love (A LOT, I saw them three times at SXSW) in exchange for something incredibly boring.

I have two, not one, but TWO friends who are graduating a year early from college and going to grad school this fall. They will be 22 with master's degrees. And I'm totally throwing a pity-party, my apologies, but I wish that I was as motivated as they are regarding academia.

I really want a degree in something Mass. Comm. related, but am starting to think that if I could just power through (and perhaps develop an addiction to Adderall) and get a degree in English or PoliSci and then get a master's in another city in something Mass. Comm. related. It would be more economical. That's what I'm telling myself, for now.

Even if the people here are terrible drivers, and generally incompetent, I've made it this long, I can tough it out a while longer.

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dama said...

Well, Amanda, u are fed up with scholl willing to see classes come to an end. The same happens to me! I'm freaking out with 243 students from 9 classes in the school I am now. The sun is shinning out there and i'm stuck in a classroom filled with teens that smell like if they didn't take a bath for ages with hormones jumping all the time and not wanting to do a thing but foolish stuff!!! I'm tired and want to return home from where I came today!!! Piles of work are getting huge piles as I cannot find enough strength to accomplish all my tasks!!! The day I see this torture finish I will bless it!!! I'm in an area which i have no vocation at all, and my future is uncertain. With almost 50 years of age(next year if everything goes well) my possibilities are not very high in terms of another job unless working as a volunteer somewhere!!! So,u will find time to finish everything on time and spend ur Summer holidays quietly!!! :-) Greetings from Portugal