Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on the radio

VCU's radio station is WVCW. It's only online, and at first I was kind of bummed about this, but today I am so glad. With it being online there are fewer people listening, or so I'm guessing. Today is my first day formatting. Basically I'm just sitting in the studio by myself for the first time.

I've only talked once, and I'm pretty sure that I sounded ridiculous. "I hope you enjoy it" - ??? I said that. In reference to a Minus the Bear song.

This is going to take time. I have to do a few more of these and write a proposal before I can have my own show. And since I don't have my own show, I don't really have a whole lot of choice when it comes to what I get to play. It's a computer with iTunes, on shuffle. It's very similar to my dad's iPod being on shuffle in that it may currently be playing Johhny Cash, and will abruptly change to The Irish Tenors, except the radio station has a better selection. I may not like all of it, but most of it is pretty good.

Other perks include free music. Well not to keep, at least not initially. We get CD's from labels and then someone here reviews them and then based on the reviews the "music director" decides what gets added to the infinite iTunes list. After that happens he'll clean out the closet and we'll be allowed to have certain albums. I went through last week and got all the good ones. Tom said that I "should share," but I have no intentions of doing that.

I've only spoken with one other girl on the staff, she's into metal, I also spoke to a girl that was being trained and we had similar tastes, but I don't know if she's stuck it out. But all these boys don't really know what to do with me. Some are attempting to put me in my place. Isn't that cute?

Oh this is going to be fun.

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