Wednesday, October 8, 2008

stupid sleeves

Last night I was looking at pictures that one of my old roommates from mormon-camp (EFY) had posted. They were of her sister's wedding.

My current roommate, Jessica, was also raised in the Mormon Church, and we both hate typical Mormon fashion. In the pictures were dresses that looked just how they always look, boring. They all had the exact same shape, despite different body types, and the same horrible sleeves* and of course dreadful neckline.

If you h
ave ever been to any sort of formal event where you are surrounded mostly by mormons you will notice that they are all dressed in a very similar way. I mean, guys are typically required to wear a suit of some kind for a formal situation, and girls, a dress. But dresses typically have more personality, I'm not saying that they can't be modest, I just don't understand why they all have to use the exact same pattern.

Looking at these you will see what I'm talking about. I mean really, couldn't they at least make some with long sleeves? or three-quarter length (though, one would have to be very careful with those because they are very easy to screw up in formal wear). **

I'm not even going to get into prom dresses, except the colors are horrible.

*Sleeves are required to cover the shoulders at all times. That's fine, whatever. But when I see girls wearing a shirt under a sundress, I really wonder why they didn't choose the cuter option of wearing a cardigan. Not to mention that capped sleeves really get old after awhile, and because of the way they are situated on any garment they usually aren't flattering because most people don't have toned upper-arms.

**As Ben pointed out that site does. But you will notice that their version of long sleeves is very similar to that of a wizard, and are overall hideous. My point in that specific link was to point out how similar all of the dresses are. Of course someone could argue that all wedding dresses look similar because they are formal and white, but these just don't have any personality.


Ben said...

uh, that site has dresses with long & 3/4 length sleeves. they were kind of hard to find, though; they were under the links 3/4 sleeve & long sleeve :)

Ben said...

I'm totally with you on the wizard-ness of the long sleeves & the overall boring-ness of the dresses in general.

amanda-rants said...

i know.

and i added an additional **

and you know that all the wedding dresses you have ever seen at mormon wedding have been personality-less. they're so boring.

thank goodness i'm friends with christina, the one chick who will have a fashionable dress.

i want you to chaprone next year's mormon prom, then you'll see what i'm talking about.