Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There has been a "preacher" on the Compass for the past couple of days. I'm used to the Evangelists coming to campus, passing stuff out, standing somewhere with their megaphone and telling me and everyone within a fifty-foot radius that we need to repent, but this guy is different. He not only goes on about how we need to be repentant, but he also goes off about how evil everyone else is. He literally said that we're spawn of the devil and unless we repent we're going to hell.

Now, boys and girls, I am by no means religious, but I do like to know what I'm talking about and respect everyone's right to worship, who, how, and what they please. I have read the Bible (GASP!) and I know for a fact that it does not say that we are spawn from the devil. I get irritated when I hear people that are so ignorant. I mean fine, you think I'm going to hell because I don't go around yelling at people to repent, but if you're going to yell at me please know what you're yelling about. And if you want me to stop and listen, please know that yelling is not the way to go about getting anything accomplished ever.

Monday he spent all day going on a tirade about how evil homosexuals are. I still do not understand this. I mean sure, the Bible does talk about how sodomy is wrong, but it does not explicitly say that having those feelings are wrong. It says that acting on those feelings is wrong. There is a huge difference. And besides there are so many twisted, ridiculous things in the Old Testament, it amazes me that anyone can go through and pick out one thing that they find particularly sinful and ignore the rest. And I find it infuriating that Evangelicals have decided that it's okay for them to condemn others to hell while contradicting everything they claim they believe, claim that they live, by doing so.

Yesterday there were some Mormon missionaries also at the compass. They were standing on the opposite side talking with a small group of students while the preacher was going on about how evil they were. At one point saying that Joseph Smith worshiped the devil and that Mormons are racist. There were also cops standing to the side, I suppose making sure that nothing got out of hand.

I went up to missionaries and asked why the cops were there and if anything had happened. They said no, and introduced themselves. I apologized for them having to hear all that stuff, and one invited me to come to church on Sunday. Cute.

I make a point of not mentioning my upbringing to people, especially if I know someone is Mormon. I can't stand knowing that in their head they're trying to figure out how, or hoping that I'll "come back to the fold." And while I have my reasons for not going to church anymore, and all sorts of problems with organized religion, I can't stand seeing anyone patronize another's beliefs. And as much as I feel silly believing in God and Jesus, it's something that I can't shake. It seems that people do compare it to beliving in Santa and the toothfairy, and I understand that, I do. It's just that I've never wanted proof. I suppose if I did expect for something big, I wouldn't believe either, and I understand why the majority of the people that I know and associate with don't believe. And that's fine, but it's something that I prefer to not talk about.

Religion and belief systems are so personal and everyone is so affected by them, I just feel it's better to only share when asked. Nothing turns me off like someone trying to convince me to think like they do. Beliefs are simply that, they don't need proof, they aren't based on knowledge, they're feelings that you or I are comfortable with. And as far as I'm concerned, as long as we're all trying to be the best we can, none of that other stuff really matters.

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