Friday, April 11, 2008 ensure my eternal salvation

I need these shoes. I've wanted them for entirely too long and now they are on sale! For a whole $100 less ( down to $150)! I need to devise a plan to get them, it may require begging and doing extensive yard work. I am okay with this. I am not okay with not having these shoes.

If I'm lucky they will go down in price before prom, but because I am anything but lucky the people at JCrew will realize that there are dozens of girls out there, somewhere, just like me, waiting. And then they will be back to full price.

Whatever. The factory/distributor/? is in Lynchburg. I could go there and steal them. Or pose as a delivery-person, or convince them that they are so hideous that they need to do whatever it takes to get rid of them because they are filling valuable space on the website.

I am being ridiculous. But, seriously, as Laiene would say, these are "the shoes of my life." These are all-purpose shoes. They can be used for dancing, walking, showing off awesome calf muscles, looking classy, dressing up like Dorothy (from the book), feeling really cool, looking snazzy...there are just so many uses for them!

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