Friday, April 25, 2008

Senior "Activity"

It wasn't really a prank, so we called it an activity. Kathleen and I road her sister's tandem.

Me: Mrs. Smith, so you and your hubby used to use this?
Mrs. Smith: A couple times, we actually bought it for our daughter.
Me: ...?
Mrs. Smith: ...she didn't have any friends, we thought she'd have to find someone else to ride it with her.

Kathleen's sister apparently didn't have any friends, or so her parents thought. I'm not sure if I should feel bad or laugh at how hilarious it is that they thought a bike would help in some way.

Anyway, a lot of the Senior Class met up at Giant, on bike, scooter and rollerblades and then we rode down Old Bridge Road on them and had lots of cars/people honk at us with quizzical looks. It was awesome arriving at school this way. I wish I had pictures of the arrival, but steering a tandem is hard enough without taking pictures.

Those not involved did not appreciate it, a few of them were bitter, thought it was stupid, etc. They are lamelamelame - and obviously do not appreciate the fabulousity that is bombarding Doofy with bikes while he yells "BRAKE!" So cute. It also wasn't really a surprise a lot of faculty were waiting outside above the bus tunnel for our arrival.

Seniors '08 do it right.

2 comments:'s good for you. said...

Way to celebrate Earth Day week by putting less cars on the road! (Plus, you pissed off commuters, too? That's always fun.)

amanda-rants said...

I know, Kathleen and I were talking about that before the big ride. How awesome/hilarious would it be if, even just a quarter, of the commuters rode bikes into DC one day. I could even see people doing this in protest, it would be sooo AWESOME!