Friday, April 11, 2008

My Dad is crazy: 1

My dad "hired" two guys on the street to clean the gutters for him. They're juniors and play basketball at out end of the court just about everyday.

They cleaned the gutter over our porch the other day and the one at the top of our house today.

I'm sitting inside with the windows open and can hear this dialog outside:

Dad: Hey Joseph, is there a church that your family attends regularly?
Joe: Yeah, every Sunday.
D: How would you like to attend the Church Of Jesus Christ? It's close by.
J: Oh, we're Christian. I think my parents like the church we go to.
D: But this one is just down the road, on the corner of Springwoods and Old Bridge...
J: I don't mind the one we go to either.
D: Well, why aren't you revolting? Isn't that what teenager are supposed to do.

That's when I stopped listening.


Christina said...

haha classic. you're dad is insane. for real.
that is not "spreading the gospel".
it's annoying people who are happy with their lives.

Anonymous said...

at least he was giving it a try.