Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Graduate in EIGHT weeks!

I should be at school right now. I should be in English, AP Literature to be more specific. And yet, here I am, at home, on my computer (my parents' computer) serfing for a laptop, writing this, listening to The Shout Out Louds, and discontent.

I should know where I'm going to school next year. Everything should be finalized. I mean I got the Hair Cuttery job, the nannying is looking good (it's pretty much done, I just need to sign something, but they need to write it up first), but VCU still hasn't responded and I haven't actually received anything from ODU, and today when I tried to log-on to ODU's "accepted" or whatever page, I couldn't.

When I called the admission office at VCU they told me that my application was late!? BY FOUR DAYS!? I believe they have something screwed up, but because I'm taking it easy today and not trying to ruin it by arguing with someone who hates their job (they would inevitably win) I said fine and asked when I should hear back, soon. Soon? How soon? Like next week? or two weeks? If I don't hear back "soon" it could be to late to respond to ODU. And while I could still go to CSU, it's pretty much out of the picture seeing as it cost money, of which I have none.

You see my dilemma.

Now, ODU isn't bad, at all. All of the housing is suite-style, meaning I won't have to freakout when someone walks in and sits in the stall next to me as I was pooping. I would risk this if I went to VCU, or really any other college for that matter, because most freshman housing sucks. While ODU isn't known for it's brilliance it certainly beats all the other school's I've been to with it's housing options. I may not be happy about going to school with multiple Michael Mann's or John Baham's - great guys, but seriously 1) Michael has been expelled, twice 2) John has told he horror stories of frat parties, and I'm not sure if I want to put myself in a place where I know that they don't care if their "brother" is dying in the backyard from alcohol poisoning.

I have yet to hear any stories like that about VCU, though Eleana does go there, and she was an advocate of "jungle juice" and while I hope she was joking, you just can't really ever tell with her. VCU has more of my type of people though, the self-proclaimed creative, intellectual types, more book stores, and more music.

ODU really wouldn't be horrible but going to my backup school because I never heard from where I wanted to go would be irritating. I don't want to go somewhere just because it's pretty much my only option. How pitiful. I may end up doing this. If I don't hear from VCU by the end of next week I'm going to ODU.

Whatever, enough of that.

I didn't feel like going to school today, and there's no way I can bring up my grades. I was going to do make-up/extra credit stuff today, but then my computer decided that Microsoft Word was for "administrator's only" and because my dad thinks that I'll watch porn if I'm an administrator he won't let me be one. You'd think he'd realize I'm eighteen, seriously, I can buy my stuff by myself, I can download it at the public library and just e-mail it to myself! Seriously DAD! I'M WATCHING PORT ALL THE TIME THAT'S WHAT I'M REALLY DOING WHEN I TELL YOU I'M GOING TO THE CITY, SCREW LIVE MUSIC! I WANT TO SEE STRANGERS GETTING BUSY! He's ridiculous.

So, I've done nothing productive today other than discover a tv/movie viewing sight, though I didn't check to see if they had any porn, I'll do that later.

I don't have any good grades for this quarter 1) because I was sick for the majority of the quarter and missed eight days of school, 2) I'm lazy and didn't do all the make-up, and 3) I don't give a flying monkey arse about grades as long as I graduate, which I will (even if my mom thinks that it's unlikely, if Autumn graduated there's no way that I won't - Autumn thinks she's a lot smarter than me though, so if she reads this she'll think something to herself along the lines of "I had better grades than Amanda does..." it may be true, but considering what they are right now, that's not hard.)

My grades are shitty. I'm going to have much better grades fourth quarter to make up for the shittiness of third quarter, seriously, I am. It'll be a "fresh start" to a stale year.

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