Monday, April 28, 2008

reason #98792 why I hate going to church

I would have posted this on Sunday, but Verizon decided to screw over everyone who has Earthlink, Thanks Verizon!

Setting: couch in the foyer at church, during Sunday School hour - Me, Elizabeth and Scott (mostly ragging on his sister - one of our favorite activites, we know we're going to hell)

Crazy Lady with a Baby with a ridiculous name: Why aren't you in Sunday school?
Us: Why aren't you?
CL: ...because I've got a baby.
Us: so?
CL: You don't...Why do you even come?
Us: (blank stares)
Me: ...because I have to, and it makes my parents happy.
Scott: To set the example for my younger siblings.
CL: Why don't you give it (the church) a chance? Elizabeth this isn't directed at you.
Me and Scott: We have, for eighteen years?
CL: but have you really?
M&S: Yes.
Me: It's different for you, you weren't raised in the church.
CL: So, you're giving up after eighteen years?
M&S: sure.
CL: So, what if God said that he was giving up on you after eighteen years? (her face turns to a sneer and she walks off)

We proceed to talk about how ridiculous that whole thing was. Seriously, Scott and I are really great kids by normal people standards aka, people that are happy their kids aren't doing drugs or getting knocked up, etc.

Scott and I both work two jobs, go to school, and somehow manage to find some downtime - though mine is usually spent in DC. Neither of us are into parties, at least not the typical high school type, we're pretty responsible overall.

It drives me absolutely batty that that woman feels that it is her right, as some "youth leader" to be such a jerk. I love that she automatically assumed that we've given up on God. And who is she to make that assumption, or think that we owe her and explanation?

For the record, if you haven't gather thus far from this site, I do believe in God (and Jesus) and am just not a fan of organized religion.

It amazes me how hypocritical the women (not all of them) at church are. This is someone who has heard stuff from her daughters, and that's just stupid gossip.

Stereotypical "Jack Mormons" leave the church after getting caught up in those high school parties I mentioned earlier, the enjoy getting drunk, getting high, and knocking up some girl, or if they are a girl - they get knocked up, or addicted to something, etc. Scott and I do not fit that stereotype at all.

One day these gossip queen's (even Scott's mom gossips about him, rather than forming a healthy relationship with him, not that she could have one because she's pretty much fucked that up for good, or at least the nest five years) will practice what they preach...or not, probably never, but despite my dislike for them, I will not go out of my way to corrupt their kids. For that they should be appreciative, not that I'd really "corrupt" them, I'd simply make them normal, you know, help them deal with being a kid, let them know that it's okay to question, that it's okay to feel all kinds of feelings, that it's alright to disagree with your parents - but your life will be so much better if you don't yell at them, learn to keep your cool - all the things that I've had to figure out on my own. God Bless them, they'll need it.

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