Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nerf guns are Super.

While reading this article to my mom I stop:

me: You'd be surprised at how many college age guys have nerf guns.
mom: I love nerf guns
me: what?
mom: I want one.
(pause...still blankly starring at each other)
me: well now i know what to get you for mother's day.

My mom also has a fondness for all other Nerf products, especially the footballs that whistle.
She also likes: laser tag, playing volleyball, oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip-cookies, Ellen DeGeneres ("even though shes's a lesbian" - in a whisper), Dr. Phil, reading articles about what is causing cancer and any other sort of ailment, alerting the general public (aka Me) of her latest discoveries, not answering her phone, answering it in the car - turning the volume all the way up - putting it on speaker - and then holding it up to her ear - and then telling the general public what that conversation was about, dancing to no music with me in the kitchen, dancing in general, watching CSI and any similar show, Law and Order SVU, HGTV, Lifetime movies (if you haven't gathered - all depressing things, in general) and eating things that "we don't need!"


Christina said...

you complain about your mom a lot, but you two are so cute.

amanda-rants said...

while that may true, she annoys me just as much as she amuses me. sometimes she does both simultaneously.