Monday, September 8, 2008


I've been at school for about a month. My classes are fine. I'm taking sixteen credits and managing fairly well. The only classes I'm having a hard time in are Energy! (on my transcript that exclaimation point will be included) which is a physics, chemistry combo. It's not horrible, I just really hate doing math and this class requires all sorts of conversions; economics is similar, but more theory, so not as difficult and at least I find it interesting and it'll be helpful in journalism; and last, Focused Inquiry - it's the required freshman course, it's very similar to what English was like my first two years of high school, except my teacher is horrible and I want to punch him in the face and he's always "encouraging" us to be "creative" and to "step out of the 5-paragraph box" but when I do he tells me that I'm doing everything wrong.

Focused Inquiry is the worst replacement for an English 101 class. I understand that kids don't know how to write upon their arrival to college. I get that, but at least in high school I wasn't clumped with them in English (I was in advanced and AP English courses). So now he, an acting major (this class is taught by professors from all concentrations) is trying to teach me how to write.

This includes giving us "worksheets" aka busywork, that we have to fill out instead of writing comments and making corrections directly on each others' papers. I find assignments like this exhausting. Nothing is benefited from them. I can write, fairly well, I'm not Vanity Fair material...yet.

Anyway, I started doing homework yesterday and then I couldn't concentrate, so I wrote a blog. That kind of got everything out of system. Not really. I miss DC. A lot. People should not be this attached to cities. I know I've been very negative about Richmond, and it not having anything to offer, but it's true. It is unbelievable true. I can only imagine how much unhappier I would be at somewhere like JMU or even UVA.

I'm really trying to like Richmond. I went out Friday and Saturday. Friday we (my roommate Jessica, Garrett from econ and his friend Bryan) were going to go to that toga/underwear themed party, but none of felt like dressing up, and they wouldn't let us in unless we took our clothes off. Then we made it to a frat-party Jessica knew about. We were let in, and stayed for maybe ten minutes, because we all weren't invited (just Jessica) we were kicked out. It was disgusting. So after calling the cops and reporting underage drinking, we headed to Garrett's friend's house. That, while being a little awkward when his ex showed up, was far better than the previous two attempts to have a good time.

Luckily Saturday was my first day at work - Images Salon. It was a slight distraction from all the craziness that is my life, but of course there was salon drama. My first day was another girl's last. She was very bitter, not at me, just in general. I had two clients, and made at least a hundred bucks, plus tips, so I think I'll be making pretty decent money in no time.

By the time work was over the rain was gone and I was looking forward to exploing the city a bit more. Jessica keeps being added by these random guys on facebook who see her in the VCu network. She talks to them via facebook and they asked if she wanted to meet in the commons for dinner. I of course accompanied her. It was awkward and they were not fabulously good looking, I don't know what she was thinking.

Anyway we ended up inviting them to go see Cartel at the Canal Club with us. They came. We went. We saw the most horrible "venue" in the world. It is a combination "venue" and sports bar. Like Jaxx, but about four times the size.Ick! And to make it worse it was all ages, which is fine in DC, but in Richmond that meanst that the shows have to be done by ten thirty, on a saturday night. Really. I'm not even a fan of Cartel, and the crowd was full of fourteen-year-old scensters wearing the band shirts their parents bought for them that night. AWFUL!

And then of course yesterday I started crying, for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because I miss DC and Richmond is not close to coming up anytime soon.

I eventually got in touch with April and she came and picked me up. We went to Chop Suey (a used bookstore, awesome) and got ice cream. It was what I needed. Afterwards I met up with friends at Panda Veg (vegan chinese restaurant that is surprisingly good) and then went to the Ink (magazine) meeting.

I think Ink will probably be the defining factor as far as my college experience goes. I hope it works out. Wish me luck!

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Cyndi said...

I hope things get better for you. At least you aren't living with your parents, right? :) I've had very few teachers that I really liked and learned something from. That's why I slept through so much of high school.