Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My eyes! My eyes!

I have yet to have what Garrett calls an "encounter" with a homeless person. I have not ever had one yell at me, or come intimidatingly close. Sure they ask me for change all the time, sometimes when I'm on my bike they'll yell - I kid you no- "Ay, Yo Girl!" I'm very good at ignoring all of this, and homeless people in general.

So, on my way to school tonight I saw a man relieving himself in some flowers.

Last year when I was visiting friends in Charlottesville I saw a man with a walker, walking, with his pants down and urinating as he walked, while he supported himself on the walker. This was completely different because were close to an old folk's home and a hospital and I figured he could he either do that or wet himself. If I were him I would have chosen the former also.

I'm also familiar with guys peeing anywhere, but not usually out in the open. Really, why couldn't he have least faced a building or something? Instead of standing next to a tree, and not a large tree, though I suppose he was trying to hide behind it? I don't know. I just really wish I had not seen it. And now I would like very much for that picture to stop running through my head.

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