Friday, September 5, 2008

So goes it

I have been in Richmond for about three weeks. I am missing The District quite horribly and everone who is aware of this assures me that I'm writing Richmond off far too quickly and that I should give it a chance. They are right, I know they are. It's just far more difficult to find something to do in the evenings than it is in DC.

Of course I'm not including parties, well, because that's not really my thing. I'm fine with everyone having a gay old time, but once the cocaine is out, I'm gone. People in this city are much more laid back than I am. I don't understand their lack-luster qualities. They like to consider themselves artists and work waiting tables. And afterward go to a house party. A house party? Really? I understand that people have them at all ages, but when you grow up their referred to as an "open house," a "get together," "a cookout," etc. They are not, however, referred to as "house parties."

House parties usually incorporate lots of underage kids getting smashed and then having irresponsible sex with each other, or going home alone wishing they were having irresponsible sex, though they refer to it as just sex.

I'm being too analytical. I know. I should probably be immersing myself in the college culture, but how many times have I said that I was born five years too late? Really people, I know I'm a snob, but I am so above this.

I'm not going to lie and say that I don't drink, because I do, occasionally, but never in excess, because I'm a control freak. I've had lots of people in my lifetime tell me to "loosen up." It has not happened. I have remained this very tight, judgmental person. It suits me very well thank you.

Drinking should be enjoyed, the end result isn't to get drunk as everyone on any campus would have you believe, it is to be tasted, not chugged. Though chugging is the only way anyone would be able to drink the cheap stuff they've got. It's gross. Natural Ice, or "Natty's" is probably the absolute worst thing I have ever tasted; how I would imagine piss tasting. And yet, they drink it, and it's siblings Budlight, Corona, etc.

Sex. We all know that college boys only care about getting laid, which is fine, whatever, it's expected, and that would be all fine and dandy if girls were programmed the same way. Some are, some aren't. Most aren't. And most are stupid. They dress up in their trashiest attire wanting to look "hot" - they set out wanting to attract these overly-hormonal boys and expect to be respected? That's idiotic, but because they are idiots, they will have sex with these guys and almost immediately regret it. Luckily my roommate isn't one of these idiots.

So, what will I be doing tonight? I've been invited to a couple parties, one of which is "lingerie/boxers/toga" themed. It does not sound exceptionally entertaining, and I'm going to go ahead an guess that the music will be horrendous. If this were going on in DC, at The Hotel, which it does, annually, except it's just "underwear" themed it would be full of somewhat responsible, despite being intoxicated adults.

I hate my peers. It's a problem I have, I'm well aware of it, and I should appreciate that they're "growing up" but I'd really much rather just skip that part. But since I'm going to be here for four years, I suppose I'll just have to dig deeper to find something worthwhile.

Like friends. I should make some. It's not that I haven't been trying. I've been pleasant to everyone I've met, but I haven't met anyone that has really struck my fancy. My roommate is cool, the RD in my building is cool -he's also thirty-two, this kid that sits next to me in economics is pretty cool (despite being a townie). So I'm trying, I really am, kind of, when I'm not wondering around on my bike or studying at Penny Lane's.

Despite my quasi-anti-social appearance the past few weeks. I have made an effort. I have been to information meetings regarding the school paper, magazine (non-literary, those people were weirder than they were in high school, of course I was ed-in-chief, so I'm biased, but still) and the radio-station. And for the first time ever I'm actually doing homework/studying, even if it interrupted by videos of Christopher Hitchens on YouTube.

In addition to all of this craziness I've managed to erase my entire music library from my Ipod. So now, I'm stuck listening to a bunch of mixed CD's (though the best mixes ever made) a friend made for me, the two CD's I've bought since coming here - Lykke Li, and Wolf Parade - the albums I have, but I need to get a preamp, and of course the internet. I've been listening to this song a lot and listening to Imeem.

I'm going to take a nap. SCHWING!

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