Monday, September 15, 2008

Left-wing Limbaugh

I talked to my professor today. He thinks that I am too negative. He doesn't like my "generalizations." Our discussion regarding my "problem" led to my admitting to not going out of my way to be nice because I don't care about offending people. I have yet to meet a journalist that is "nice" i.e. boring. Nice people suck. They lack substance. They aim to please and are easily trampled. I'm not saying I'm mean, I'm just honest.

In my papers it's been revealed that I worship Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter, and he asked me how I would feel if he told me that he hated what I was wearing. I am sick, and I was wearing my jim-jams. And I typically don't care because I'm not trying to impress anyone. If I look nice, it's because I felt like looking better than usual that day. I typically wear jeans, a band-tee, and vans, but if I had more money I would probably dress better all the time.

Anyway, I don't think he believed me when I told him that it wouldn't bother me.

We went on to discuss my hatred for the majority of my peers. Apparently I shouldn't call them stupid, even if it is true. And despite giving examples, he said that is wasn't enough.

He went to Yale for his undergrad, that's pretty impressive, even if it was for acting. He agrees with me about the overall Richmond attitude, but came here because VCU has one of the best acting programs in the country.

He also said that if he were to present my papers to anyone in the journalism department that they would be offended. I doubt it unless they're broadcast, I called broadcast-journalism majors people that have the "I-want-to-be-on-TV-but-have-never-acted-and-have-no-real-talent-but-have-a-huge-ego-and-want-to-be-famous" mentality. Which is true. He also called me cynical. I have never denied this, and I don't see anything wrong with it. As a journalist I want the truth, I shouldn't have to be tactful about it. If someone is screwing up, I'll say so and present evidence. I'm not going to try and paint a pretty picture in the name of tact. That's just silly.

After class the other students in my group wanted to know what we talked about. I told them. We had all discussed my opinionated nature before. Karl compared me to Rush Limbaugh, who, I disagree with on almost all accounts, I do respect. This wasn't the first time I've been compared to Limbaugh, I had a couple teacher in high school who also had that opinion. But, Limbaugh is a college drop-out who just wanted to be on the radio. His opinions are heard everywhere and influence thousands of people in the States. I'm not going to discredit that, that's amazing. I don't plan on dropping out, but I'll certainly be doing something similar.

2 comments:'s good for you. said...

oh, amanda...are you still having issues with other people's intelligence? wait until you get to the work force...

amanda-rants said...

I'm not having problems with their intelligence, I'm having issues with the fact that people my age don't have any of it.