Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Question(s)

My roommate is a polysci/history major. I appreciate this because she is not stupid in the slightest, and I'm pretty sure I would cut off my ears if I had to deal with someone stupid.

Anyway, she was reading The Nation last night and gave me the link to this article on Sarah Palin. After reading that one I found this one by the same person.

Sure it's "liberal media" but hell, she is right.

Now the last article I'll touch on a bit. I don't agree with it 100%, more like 95%. I don't think that girls/boys are being forced to have babies against "their judgment" because they already had bad judgment when they chose to have unprotected sex and I believe in contraception and wish that she had talked about that more. I understand that Palin was in a group that supported contraception, but she's stated over and over again that she will not support sex education that includes the teaching of contraception. If everyone would take care of that tiny detail we wouldn't have all the fuss about teen-pregnancy and abortions, now would we?

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