Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wish that there was some way I could get past not loving Richmond. But, considering my life and what it typically revolves around - being out and about as much as possible - this is not happening. It would be wonderful if I could be so busy with schoolwork that I could completely shut out the rest of the world, but that's not happening. I'm not happy and quite possibly falling into some sort of ridiculous depression.

Depression runs in my family, so that wouldn't be at all surprising, but I've been so good at taking care of myself in the past that maybe I've forgotten to the past couple of weeks. At home, I was seeing my "crazy doctor" every three weeks. When I left I thought everything was great, but I guess I really underestimated how much that helped me.

Today is gray and very quiet outside. Looking at the Post it says that its sunny in DC, I can't help but be jealous.

I know you guys are probably tired of reading my pity-parties, I'm sorry. I just really wish that I could pull myself out of this. I'm usually really good at the whole "fake it 'til you make it" ideology. I guess I need to try a bit harder. If this were someone else I'd be the one that was telling them to get out more, meet more people, put yourself on the line, but right now none of that is resonating with me.

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