Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dorm Life

This is why Jessica and I need separate rooms:

"Are you going to pick your pillows up?"


"It looks like you just threw them off the bed."


"And the room definitely smelled gross when I got back from class."

"Yeah, I was hoping I'd get back before you."

"You should have opened the window before you left..."

"...I did when I got back..."

"Are you going to pick up your pillows?"

"No, I don't need them right now."


"We can't watch this."

"What are you on?"

"My sugar was low, so I ate some cookies and some M&Ms and drank some water, and now it's back up."

"You're really hyper..."

"I know..."

"420 was yesterday..."

"I know...The Office!"

(shakes head in disapproval)


"Go move your car."

"I will when the show is over."

"God, my feet stink."

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