Wednesday, April 22, 2009

let's talk about that thing that makes you and you're mom really uncomfortable

Today I had to give a presentation in Focused Inquiry about a topic I've been researching for a paper that's due next Monday. I am usually late for this class due to my living on the other campus and the fact that parking is virtually non-existant. Because parking always takes forever, I decided to take the bus. I knew that it came at 11:56 am and that it was supposed to come every ten minutes. So, logically this means that if I get out there by 11:40 I should be able to get on the earlier bus. WRONG! Instead I waited for about twenty minutes for a very full bus. I was luckily able to squeeze in and was just as late for class as I would have been had I decided to drive. Ugh.

My topic was "hooking up culture" - SURPRISE! Because I don't talk about sex and sex-related things enough already. Just about everyone else chose some political issue, or some historical figure. I care about those things, and don't mind reading about them, or hearing people debate about them, but listening to a nineteen year old list off their sources mostly without an explanation of why they chose their topic or why I should give a damn (despite whether or not I do already) become monotonous fast.

Anyway, my presentation was...lively? I'm not sure exactly what the right word is, but the class was definitely paying attention, even if they were uncomfortable. I'm not really sure how I'm so comfortable with it, I mean my parents are Mormon and my mom likes to pretend that people don't have sex.

I'm thinking about changing my major to international affairs, or something. I would really love to travel around and talk to people of both genders and all ages about sex and safety, etc. I'm not really sure where I would work, obviously a non-profit, and I'd still like to write, so we'll see. Someone was telling me about NYU's Sexology graduate program. Definitely something I'm going to look into.

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