Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I find it interesting that people always claim to "hate drama," because that simply is not true. Without it I believe life would be quite boring.

Sometimes I feel like it would be nice if we could all be polite and pretend that we don't have a problem with whatever irritating situation we may be in, but at that point I become upset with the people that do do this as they are simply putting on a happy face.

My sophomre year in high school a bunch of girls (from church, no less) came to the conclusion that I was a slut. And they didn't like that I was always going to church dances with different boys and flirting and overall getting a lot of attention from a lot of fifteen and sixteen and sometimes eighteen year old boys. It wasn't until one of them was royally screwed over by one of the guys that had screwed me over that she (and her friends) realized I wasn't so bad afterall. Mind you I never had these problems as school because after my freshman year I made a point not to date anyone I went to school with. From my point of view I was a floater and was able to maintain my distance from any one clique. It's a shame I haven't been able to keep up with that outside of high school.

But then I suppose I prefer the tension and ambiguity and tall-tales that are shared at parties, between drinks and over bedsides.

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