Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have six email addresses

After I helped my sister remove wallpaper from her new house a couple weeks ago, I decided that I was going to start a wallpaper removal business this summer. I mean, I was suprisingly good at it and I could use the money, and Richmond is probably full of ugly houses that could use my help. A couple days ago I decided to create a Craigslist post advertising my service, and I created a new Gmail account specifically for it. Somehow my login email address for blogger changed to the new one without my knowledge. And it's taken me two days to figure it out.

Sorry, I've been away. I'll catch up, probably tomorrow, when I'm not studying for my Biology final.

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Ben said...

I have several email addresses as well. I got sick of having to check all them, so I set them all up to forward to one gmail account.

Then, I added all of the other email addresses to the one gmail account (so it could send as any of them) and set it to always reply using the address that was sent to.

It took about five minutes and has saved my life. It will save your life, too.