Tuesday, April 14, 2009

rainy days

I know I've been writing about how I can't wait for it to be May and to move into my apartment, but it's really all I think about most of the time. Today Jessica and I went to the apartment we will be living in. It is currently being occupied by two disgusting boys. They have a cat, I didn't see it, but I smelled it, and it smelled awful. This is why I don't want a cat. Jessica doesn't spend near the amount of time I do thinking about it, or planing color schemes I can't afford, or surfing the net for free furniture - or calling my mom about what things she'll be donating to our cause. I bought a receiver yesterday and speakers today and I can't wait to get an entertainment center (or similar item) and set it all up.

Today I asked Jessica if she had asked her parents about giving use stuff. She hasn't and said that she was pretty sure that her two older sisters were going to be getting a bunch of stuff. Lame. I'm kind of irritated. I wish she would get excited about something, anything. I asked her if she cared that the apartment wasn't going to be a reflection of her at all and she said that it's only three years. ONLY!? I've been going nuts living in the dorm because I don't have control over the color of the wall and how many guests I have at one time. But if she gets mad at me in July for the PURPLE WALL she will just have to deal.

After I picked her up today, we were sitting at a red light and I looked over and noticed a professor from last semester. It was raining and he was standing under an umbrella, and I wasn't sure it was him until he moved his umbrella so that I could not see him. We had a pretty good relationship,I considered him a friend, and still consider him a decent guy, but a fifty-year-old decent guy, with a girlfriend of four years. And everything was fine until he started hitting on me. I called him on it, explained that he didn't have a chance, he thanked me for my friendship, and we haven't talked or seen each other since - until today, when he obviously hid from me. This happened right before a girl got hit by a car. Or at least that's what I think happened. I didn't see it because me and Jessica were discussing his behavior and then we noticed that he was the first person pulling out their cell phone to help this girl. It's strange, the different sides of people.

(I'm sorry this is out of order)

After seeing the apartment we went to H&M. In the suburbs. I hate the fact that I have to leave a city to go shopping. I mean, I could shop in Carytown, but Eurotrash and Need do not sell things made for girls with boobs and an ass. I bought a new pair of black skinny pants (they're exactly like the ones I already have, but still have the sheen) and a white top and a teal sundress. These are the first clothing items I have bought this year. THIS YEAR! We're almost four months in and until today I had not purchased a single item of clothing. I think this is a first. I'm usually the type of person that gets a couple new things each month, but apparently my financial situation is getting the better of me.

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