Friday, April 10, 2009

True Story

My car is officially dead. How does that happen? Seriously, it lasted just long enough for me to park. There has to be a God. There is no way that shit happens by coincidence.

This morning I put more oil in my car. No luck. So I enlisted the help of another friend to jump me. No luck.

I could not make my life up. Most novels don't have the amount of drama and dad-to-day problems that I have.

I called Jess first to see if she could take me to get oil, she could but it was going to take a bit. I also felt the need to ask her how her job search is coming, and I don't mean to lecture her, but I really want to live with her and if she doesn't have a job then she's not going to be able to pay rent, and if she can't do that then I might need to find someone else to room with for the summer. She pointed out that it was much easier for me to find a job because I had a skill, and that's true, but I also spent two full days biking around Richmond filling out applications. And I gave follow up calls within the next week. So I can't help but be frustrated. Later I called April and she told me about having the same talk with a few of her roommates. It was never good, and they always resented her for it. Jessica is more proactive about school and I'm more proactive about everything else, which is why I have money (well, more than she does) and she has good grades (something I haven't had since the seventh grade).

Landis was the second person I called and he thankfully was quicker and was able to take me to get the oil. And we bickered as we usually do about the same stuff. But he brought up Brian. Brian and I went out a couple of times and for some stupid reason I thought he was actually interested in dating me, but then he didn't pay for either "date." And then Landis informed me that I looked like this chick that he and Brian had both dated before and that Brian was probably only interested in me because that. Anyway, Brian and I got into a fight when I was very drunk about how he "couldn't stop thinking about me" and I was all "dude, you didn't even pick up the bill" and he lectured to me about being old fashioned, blahblahblah. Apparently Landis and Brian were at the same bar and Landis was right. Then when I complained about all the guys I know just wanting to get in my pants Landis said that I should stop giving that impression. What? I've heard this before, but I really have no idea what I'm doing that does this. Someone explain. I walk around in jeans and shirts most of the time. And even when I go out I don't usually wear things that are particularly revealing.

Jason's sister was kind enough to attempt to jump my car. It didn't work.

I called Garrett, who used to be a mechanic, and he said that he'd come look at it tonight. He doesn't think it's the battery.

This is the thrid week in a row that my car has had something wrong with it. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed by tomorrow at five so that I can see Beirut. There is no way I can miss that show. I have been looking forward to it for months.

Is it May yet? I need it to be May. And I need to meet people that have their shit together. Harry was right, boys and girls can't be friends. But girls are so cliquey, I mean, my roommate and I very rarely hang out with other girls and when we do, everyone breaks off into pairs. It's absolutely useless. I need it to be May. MAY! HURRY UP!

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